Malt Shoppe Proposal

Malt Shoppe plans to focus on beer, fill growlers in Wauwatosa

"...The Malt Shoppe wouldn't sell any other kinds of alcohol, and it wouldn't have seating, although it would have space for customers waiting to have growlers filled and to conduct tastings and classes..."
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, May 2014

The Task At Hand:

Businesses which provide food and beverages to the general public have become the Facebooks of the brick and mortar world yet most remain disconnected grossly underutilizing their TV sets and other means of engaging the interest of the customer while on the premises of the business. Furthermore, all retail types of businesses are trending in this direction as customers themselves carry mobile devices that can and do connect to the Internet.

Have you asked yourself:

  • What on-premises engagement tactics has my business made available to existing or new customers?
  • Do our customers really get all they want or need while they remain on-premises?
  • Has Wi-Fi really paid off for us?
  • Can customers use our Wi-Fi to connect and engage with anything or any other customers while they are on-premises?
  • As an experienced business person have I come to understand how we have grossly underutilized our TV sets?
  • Does using connected TV sets and other digital screens to attract and retain customers immersed and engaged with one another while connected to the outside world of friends, family and other resources make sense on-premises as we all know and understand it now does everywhere else?

Our Solution:

On-Premises Interactive TV Customer Engagement

One of many ways to engage customers using TV sets or flat digital screens
Let's work together to design and build-out a mobile-first to connected TV strategy; web apps that run on all sizes of screens which format themselves with content specifically pertinent to the type of screen being used by all of us living and working in a connected world.