Creational Trails: Interactive Milwaukee Medallion Project

Our Problem:

Our Proposal:

"Form follows function."

  -- Louis Sullivan, architect, "father of modernism," mentor to Frank Lloyd Wright

"Form becomes function."

  -- Frank Lloyd Wright, “father of organic architecture” melding humanity with environment

"The function of form is interactive."

  -- Clinton Gallagher

Frank Lloyd Wright sparked controversy with his design of the Guggenheim Museum breaking with convention to guide visitors entering the building to an elevator taking them to the top of the building where they then walk down a spiral "street" --observing displays of art-- a sequential experience of starts and stops while descending along the pathway to a final destination point.

Walking through downtown Milwaukee is also a guided experience moving into, out of and past buildings and spaces as people walk along sequentially arranged streets, alleys and sidewalks bordered by buildings; the "art" of an urban experience becoming the walk through space itself.

This proposal encourages the funding of multiple instances of interactive medallions to be strategically located along W. Wisconsin Avenue and its neighborhoods providing pedestrians with a contemporary experience; that is, people using mobile or wearable devices may interact with and communicate with one another, with places and with objects because connectivity and interactivity have come to define the art of our contemporary human experience.

Attached to harp lamps, bus shelters, shop windows and such located along pathways of our downtown, an interactive medallion becomes an iconic means of multipurpose “you are here” discovery unlike any other form or function in the city.

Clinton Gallagher has designed and will manufacture this interactive experience much like the Guggenheim Museum experience where our art becomes an integral part of buildings and objects pedestrians encounter as they traverse the urban spaces defined by Milwaukee's sequential grid of streets, alleys and sidewalks.

Viewing, touching, and interacting with artifacts enables the art of one's experience to request, convey or consume information, entertainment, and other supportive interactions such as providing a means for people to send or request assistance for help, directly interact with Milwaukee businesses as well as other means to utilize our proposed form of cultural iconography which functions interactively bringing new value propositions to artistic forms and functions.

Luis Sullivan is also known to have quipped "the world has never known a sound social fabric, a fabric sound and clean to the core and kindly. For it has ever turned its back on man."

Let us break with that past to the extent that we may. We now have the means to utilize connectivity and interactivity to form a sound social fabric turning our backs only on those few who cannot, do not or will not use a device required to interact with and communicate with others which remains a consideration ever on the minds of considerate men and women who must nevertheless move forward guided by the art of our human experience as it exists in the here and now.

Please fund the "Interactive Milwaukee Medallion Project"

Our Solution:

"Interactive Milwaukee Medallion Project"


Proposed Interactive Milwaukee Medallion

Proposed Interactive Milwaukee Medallion

Please Fund The Interactive Milwaukee Medallion Project

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